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We are revamping  for the holidays and busy with our new business.  We won’t leave you hanging so in the mean time ORDER FROM Amazon fulfillment directly. They have our products in stock and will ship from three domestic locations to ensure you have your order in a day or two! Just click the links below for your products of choice.   Thanks for all the years of support!

Contact me for any special order, products you don’t see below or any questions (404) 820-0217.

Organic Moringa Oleifera Nebedaye 4 ozbuy Asha Health and Beauty organic moringa on Amazon…                                          click here

Asha_Senna_Pods_1_oz Asha Health and Beautybuy Asha Health and Beauty organic senna pods at the lowest price(the secret to a flat tummy, brain fog and extreme energy) on Amazon … click here

Asha_COSMIC_LIFEFORCE_IMMUNITY_GENERATOR Asha Health and Beautybuy Asha Health and Beauty Cosmic Life Force Immunity Generator on Amazon…  essential for high blood pressure and cellular regeneration

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Asha WORM MAGIC PARASITE CLEANSE 4 ozbuy Asha Health and Beauty parasite killer powder formula on                                   Amazon click here

Asha Vegetable Capsules 120buy Asha Health and Beauty Veggie Caps on Amazon click here

Asha Liquid Black Soap Adbuy Asha Health and Beauty liquid black facial soap (unscented) on Amazon… click here.  This is the best face soap for acne, dark spots and an even bright complexion.



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